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Welcome as a user of the Savannaflowers-Webshop.

Beside informations to orders and deliveries it is possible to show actual availabilities weekly.

Furthermore you can fill in orders directly and send to us or you can change existing orders.

With this brief education we will explain the "how to" to you step by step.

1 First overview

Savanna Webportal 01en.png

When you have registered and signed in the availabilities of delivery forms we offer will open. Furthermore you will find an overview (6) which leads to all your events and orders.

In (1) you are signed in with your name. There a click at the arrow leads to the links which are also shown in the overview (6).

At (2) you can logout.

At (3) to (5) are named the kinds of delivery forms. The unrooted cuttings are in the prefix.

When you have made your orders you go to the shopping cart (7).

The Icon "Home" (8) leads to the Psenner homepage.

2 Availability

Savanna Webportal 02nen.png

You can restrict "crop" if the selected delivery form (1) in the lookup field by choosing one special (2).

To simplify your choice we have built in a search function which restricts to part of words.

In the shown sample there are only "Pelargonium" with "pel".

In the fields "week from" and "week to" (3) the actual and next following weeks are prefixed. You can select them (until the following year).

For our next sample we have chosen a specific time space for Pel. interspecific.

With a click at >>show<< (4) a table corresponding to your selections will be shown.

2.1 table of selection

Savanna Webportal 03nen.png

Now for each week you get an overview of the available quantities corresponding to your selection.

In this table you have the possibility to sort each column by using the (red framed here) sort-images (1) that you can find your wanted selection faster.

The column "delivery form" shows the offered sales form, in "packaging unit" you see the delivery quantity quaranteed by us.

The image-icon (2) opens a larger picture of the variety in this row.

In this table you can fill in your orders directly (3).

Please remark that orders are only possible for a multiple of the packaging form. Your input will be rounded automatically.
If you put in more than maximum available there will open a warning hint and the maximum quantity will be inserted.

In one of the weeks there is no insert field. Here you find an information button (4) which opens a hint when scrolled at:

"Articles ur just in production. Availability will be actualized soon. Please have a look again later."

This button can move depending to the cultivation time of the artikcle.

If you want you can fill in a commission (5). For finishing your order please click the button >>add to cart<< (6).

Savanna Webportal 04nen.png

After clicking >>add to cart<< the articles will be transfered. A message opens that transfer was successful. It is combined with the question how to go on: order some more or go to the shopping cart?

In this sample we cklick >>to shopping cart<<.

2.2 The shopping cart

Psenner Webportal 04en.png

Now please click on the symbol "shopping cart" (1) top right. The quantity of your ordered plants will be shown on the right.

Savanna Webportal 06en.png

In the shopping cart every delivery week is shown separately. (marked in yellow).

If we have different delivery addresses of your company you can choose the one you want here (1).

Here as well you can write a special text for commission (2).

You can change the quantity of an article still in the shopping cart (3). Therefore another window opens. Please remark that the quantity will be rounded to the next packaging unit.

With click on the "waste bin" (4) an article can be deleted from a delivery week.

By clicking the >>Delete<<-button (5) all rows will be deleted from a delivery week. 

Now you can click at >>request<< to send it.

This will be send via email directly to Gartenbau Psenner.

Please remark the hint below each delivery week that you only send a request. This request has to be confirmed from Psenner.

Savanna Webportal 07en.png

Now a window opens with the hint "Your order request for delivery week XY/YEAR has been sent." Again the hint that you will receive a confirmation mail. You can close the window by clicking the button.

3 orders

Savanna Webportal 08en.png

At the log hint (1) you will come to "orders". In this table will be shown the actual orders.

By clicking "show order" (2) you can open the specific order.

In column status (3) you can see the work off at your order:

  • - planned on tour
  • - approved (you have received a mail)
  • - wait for confirmation
  • - billed

3.1 show order

Savanna Webportal 09en.png

Clicking at "show order" opens a form with all details of the chosen order. The following informations are included:

  • - state of the order (1),
  • - shipping week and order number (2),
  • - addresses of invoice and delivery place (if different) (3).

Surplus this form has some more functions:

  • - By clicking the "sort" icon (4) you can sort at different columns,
  • - With "Search" (5) you can limit a big order to less positions,
  • - the different possibilities to save or export will be explained later,
  • - By clicking the "cross" top right (7) you can leave this window again.

4 Invoices

Savanna Webportal 10en.png

With selecting "Invoices" your invoices will be shown in a table.

Again in this table you can sort by invoice number or date (1), use the search (2) or export (5) this table.

In column "status" (3) you will find out if the respective invoice is payed already or is open or if the payment date is exceeded already (not payed).

If you cannot find an invoice in your documents you can download it with clicking the pdf-logo (4) and save it.

5 Profile

Savanna Webportal 11en.png

With the selction "profile" (1) you find your customer data deposited at Psenner. Please check if phone number and mail address (2) are alright and shipping address (3) as well as invoice address (4) are correkt.

Below the "login data" your user number is shown. Clicking "change password" (5) will open another window where you could deposit a new password for your login.

5.1 change password

Savanna Webportal 12en.png

If you want to change your password first put in your old password (1).

In the second line you put in your new password (2) and confirm by putting in the third line again (3). They will be checked for matching.

To confirm your new password now please click the button >>change<< (4).

If you want to leave this window without changing the password please click the cross top right (5).

6 Exporting the data files

Below the menu-buttons on the right you find different possibilities to export your data files.

6.1 as PDF

Savanna Webportal 13en.png

The >>PDF<< button (1) opens a popup-window to transfer the actual table into a PDF file.

You can choose (2) between "save directly" or open in Adobe Reader first to have a look on the dates and then save with another name.

Surplus you can set a hook to choose this way for every PDF file (3).

To finish you click >>OK<< (4).

6.2 in Excel

Savanna Webportal 14en.png

With the >>Excel<< button (1) a similar window like for the PDF one opens. When you confirm with mit >>OK<< (2), an Excel file opens where all dates are transfered in.

You have to give the files free to edit the dates.

6.3 Copy

Savanna Webportal 15en.png

The button >>copy<< (1) corresponds to the Windows-command Strg + C without marking the lines in advance.

For a short moment you will see the note "Clipboard" (2).

As well in table calculation software as in text software you now can use the command "Insert" – e.g. Strg + V – or "right mouse button" and "insert" to insert the clipboard dates.