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You sometimes already have worked with the SQL-Developer. But you are not really used to it. Here you will find a short description how to open and execute a saved script.

SQL Scripts en 01.png

Open explorer and select D:\setup\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper.exe.

Start this application with a double click.

SQL Scripts en 02.png

Make sure that you are connected to your database. If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask for help.

Then click the Icon to open a script (see arrow).

SQL Scripts en 03.png

Select the correct location first (1). Beware there are many files.

When you found the location select the file needed (2). It has to arise in “File name”. Then you can open this file (3).

SQL Scripts en 04.png

In this example take care that you use the correct order nr (= auftrnr) and exchange rate (= Kurs) in all the marked lines (1). In other scripts it could be the article number.

You will execute this script by clicking the second icon (2).

After this there will open a log window. Here you can read how many lines have been changed. The last line should be: “commit successful”.

You have to run the script for each single order by changing the order numbers.

SQL Scripts en 05.png

To replace the order number faster in long scripts it is easier to mark (1) and replace it.

Open the "Edit" (2) and click at "replace" (3).

Now there opens a window with the selected number and a suggestion how to replace. Please correct it.

All same numbers will be marked now (4).

Now you have the choice (5) to replace one single, skip the marked one or replace all shown selections.

SQL Scripts en 06.png

This will be the more modern window wich opens when you use STRG+R.